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This is a logo and the beginnings of a visual identity for a dear friend and loyal companion, the Döner. Bread, salad, meat, sometimes cheese, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes vegan, it’s everything you need and it’s always available somewhere… at least if you live in Germany. It deserves a symbol of its own and this was my attempt at designing such a symbol.

Its heritage is Turkish and German, but it belongs to all of us, all of us who seek the healthiest of the unhealthy foods at the most unreasonable hour of the night. That being said, if it had to be assigned to one nation, that nation would have to be Germany. It originated here… and people really love their Döners here.

No one needs this, obviously. The world would be fine without it. But what would life be like if we didn’t commemorate the little things? Besides, it has other potential applications. Perhaps it could be on a Döner wrapper. Or if you happen to be opening up a Döner place and you’re looking for a logo and you like what you see… we might be able work something out. ;)


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