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Yes, that’s just my name, an overt display of vanity in shades of blue. I suppose that’s what this entire website is…. a big, fat “look at me!“ Anyway, back to work. This page displays some experimental lettering work of mine. The point of these exercises was to explore the space between letter and image. At what point does type become form? At what point does form become type?

A wordmark is usually constrained to the realm of legibility. It will, after all, be read. However, the process of discovering interesting visual moments need not be bounded by this constraint. If a form is discovered outside the boundaries of legibility, it is generally possible to bring it back, while still retaining elements that could never have been found otherwise.

I am not going to say exactly which words have been depicted here. If the lettering chooses to manifest itself as an image in your mind’s eye, so be it. In the context for which they were created, I was not as constrained by legibility as I might otherwise be. If one has a notion of what word to expect, the wordmark designer has considerably more leeway. If a person receives a birthday card, for instance, and a shape vaguely resembles the person’s name, it will be easily decoded as such.


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