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What if a cargo ship carrying British and Indian passengers was blown off course and found its way to a lost and invisible island in the north sea? What if they decided to stay, claim the land, and exist as a country in isolation from the rest of the world? In my second year of graphic design, one of our assignments was to create a visual identity of sorts for a fictitious micronation. The ridiculous premise that I just outlined was my idea for the project.

This was the nation’s flag. It represents the arrival of the original settlers of Somancordia. Yes, the country was named Somancordia, it’s a rough translation of “equal hearts” into a mix of Sanskrit and Latin, alluding to its settlers’ heritage.

The country was divided into four regions and the flag of each region was a quarter of the national flag.

The four colours of the flag represent four of the nation’s core values. Dark violet represents independence, dark lemon green represents harmony, orangered represents creativity and sky blue represents loyalty. Of course, colour associations are always debatable, there are generally a number of other factors involved. These are simply some of the associations traditionally attributed to the four colours used in the flag.

I also drew up some concepts for the state’s banknotes. Like the artwork of the Euro banknotes, they depict landscapes and architecture reminiscent only of the general character of the country’s landscapes and architecture so as not to single out any one city or region.


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